changer le monde en créant d'autres histoires

Only because of our shared imagination, we destroyed planet Earth. Can we regenerate it if we create others stories together ?

New stories > new paradigms > new rules to play game of life, like a metagame. New game > new reality > everything is possible… did you already take Lsd or Ketamine ? What is a trip ?

New brain connexions but only in one head. Our humanity is like a neural network : if we change our beliefs, we can create new connexions for everybody and change reality for all of us. Who want to converge to a new world with me ? A regenerative world, with priorities on love, care, cooperation, pleasure of playing a shared game… I am so impatient !

sure people from @interintellect_ are interested in the same kind of exploration.

Merci de votre lecture, vous pouvez me contacter sur

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