the possibility to see reality with unknown eyes because of art

Do you think you know what reality is ? It is physic ? Does it exist some common rules ? Red is red and blue is blue ? I think we need to be more openminded in front of « something » so crazy and magical as life is.

My perceptions are not yours. My today perceptions are not the same as last year. I forgot past sensations and I try to reinterpret it with my actual being, but it create a false story of my own life, because of memory.

We change everyday. As we evolve « life » become different.

to art, we can open ourself today to other realities we can’t imagine by ourself.

artists to open our perceptions doors (as @aldouxhuxley could say)…

Sometime I forget that the only thing I know is that I know nothing… thx Socrate, thx people who put new questions in my head. Thx art 🖼 to open my windows 🪟 everyday.

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